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If you’re looking for unique office, retail, or medical space in Tyler, Texas, look no further than Pyle Properties. As a family owned and operated commercial real estate company in Tyler, we own a series of superior commercial properties for lease that meet and exceed the standards of today’s commercial tenants and their customers.

At Pyle Properties, we believe in putting our customers and tenants first. As part of this commitment to satisfaction, we own, operate, and develop shopping centers and facilities in Tyler that are exceptionally maintained and most preferred by the communities they serve. We believe in creating value for our commercial tenants, ensuring that the properties we own will not only meet their needs but provide a constant source of growth for years to come.

We have a number of commercial real estate locations throughout the city of Tyler, Texas, including Grande Plaza, East Tanglewood, Time Square, West Bow, and West Erwin. Each of these locations are uniquely suited to serve the businesses that occupy them and their neighboring communities. If you are interested in renting or leasing our commercial properties in Tyler for office space, retail stores, or medical offices, contact the team at Pyle Properties today.

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